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obama will lay out his case to move forward in afghanistan. how he wants to do it and why americans should support his decision. a new "usa today" gallup poll says that won't be easy. asked if they approve of the president's handling of afghanistan 35% said they approve while 55% say they disapprove. for context on this mike viquera live from the white house. he won't be talking to americans here, he is talking to congress, too, right? >> that is a great point. among members of his own party. it is a tough ask for them. they've had the climate change bill, the health care bill. from the time the obama administration came in there have bin flew enshl democrats on capitol hill who said we are not going to fund these wars in iraq and afghanistan, we want answers and timelines. democrats came into power both in congress and the white house president obama saying they were going to de-emphasize the war in iraq and start emphasizing the war in afghanistan after all this is where the people who came and attacked this country on 9/11 were. this is where the plot was hatched. the president a
. president obama gave a preview to this decision this afternoon. >> after eight years, some of those years in which we did not have, i think, either the resources or the strategy to get the job done, it is my intention to finish the job. >> finish the job. make no mistake, this is just one more mess that president obama has to mop up after the bush administration. bush was the president who drained resources from afghanistan so we could go invade iraq on that perfect intelligence. bush never got bin laden dead or alive. bush never established a functional government over there in afghanistan. bush never eliminated the taliban. thanks a lot. so let's get out of magic wand and wave it now because here comes president obama and he's just expected to solve all of these problems in afghanistan. well, it isn't going to be easy. the country is split right down the middle when it comes to a troop increase. in the latest cnn poll, 50% support an increase. 49% are against it. so, no matter what president obama does, half the country's going to be bad mouthing him. president obama had one hell of an
're going to be covering today. obama and palin, poll numbers meeting in the middle? >> that is surprising. >> it's possible. >>> and lou dobbs for president. he actually goes there. we'll play that for you. great guests to talk about all this. >> i can't wait. >> yes, we do. >> let's dive in the news. >> tina brown is coming up, pat buchanan, andrew ross sorkin and he will bring to the table -- motley crew, by the way. something that happened on capitol hill that could radically change how that work. >> tina, pat and gayle. >> one of a & m records top trios in the 1970s. they were a hell of a band. >> each of them probably not excited to be with the other in this picture. but that's what our show is about, bringing people together. >>> let's get to our top story, following a tense meeting with the war council last night, the white house tells nbc's savannah guthrie that president obama will announce his strategy in afghanistan, quote, within days. the official says it's not only on troop levels, but under when and what circumstances they will be able to withdrawal and turn control over to
this surtax, he went so far as to send obama a copy of john kennedy's "the rise and fall of great powers," as well. there is certainly some measure of support, whether it has any chance of passing, i think that's another story. >> and anna, we've heard the president complain about the leaks that have been coming out of these meetings, but i'm just curious. do we know anymore about what peter orszag said or what was asked of him in that meeting? >> i think we still know a little bit, but certainly he was emphasizing the costs. he's made it clear, he was at a conference earlier this month and said that, as you had said earlier, every 10,000 troops is going to entail a cost of about $10 billion and he said that was very roughly speaking, but, i mean, i think that gets at the cost. they wanted to make it clear that he was a big part of the discussion. >> very interesting. anna mulrine, thank you very much, "u.s. news & world report". >> tamron, the politics is so fascinating. they can box in the president by saying, okay, at a time when everyone is concerned about deficits, if this is someth
president obama on afghanistan on a day when we know president obama now intends to announce his decision next week. good afternoon, everybody. i'm david shuster live in washington. >> there are several reports regarding the number of troops the president plans on sending to afghanistan. we'll talk much more about it. good afternoon. i'm tamron hall live in new york. david in the picture right now, president obama said today he intends to finish the job in afghanistan while dismantling al qaeda's ability to plot attacks against america. nbc news has learned the president is expected to announce his new plan for afghanistan as david mentioned next week, as early as december 1st. several news agencies including mcclach chi newspapers and the associated press report the president will send between 30 and 35,000 more u.s. troops to that region. >> i will be making an announcement to the american people about how we intend to move forward. i will be doing so shortly. i feel very confident that when the american people hear a clear rationale for what we're doing there and how we intend to achie
, war news. president obama will announce his decision on afghanistan in a primetime speech next week. and he's expected to give general mcchrystal 35,000 more troops, slightly less than the 40,000 the general asked for. the decision will perhaps quiet charges from dick cheney and those on his side that he's dithering on afghanistan. but now the president will have to confront the liberal wing of his own party, who see this as nothing short of an escalation of war, even a new war. so can president obama sell his troop commitment to leading democrats? can he fight a war mainly dependent on republican voters? and how will it sell to an increasingly skeptical american public? >>> plus, you're not going to like this picture. president obama may have republicans on his side when it comes to afghanistan, but his decision to try 9/11 mastermind khalid shaikh mohammed up in new york federal court has given them another reason for attack. and now an attorney for one of ksm's co-defendants says all five detainees plan to plea not guilty and act as their own lawyers in court so that they can, qu
? and is obama himself a sellout. the author is here to layout how the government, the president has given out the money. and then what you will see from retailers this black friday, but is this a trend or talker. >> we are taking you on to the white house red carpet. the fashion and the food as the president and his very first state dinner are in the bag. i am dylan ratigan. this is the "morning meeting." let's get started right now. joining us in new york this hour to help break everything down in the next few minutes, the managing editor for "the times," and then msnbc contributor, jonathan capehart, and then mike, but let's start with savannah. >> the president will announce today he will go to copenhagen for the climate change summit. this is the subject of speculation for a few weeks now. will he or will he not go, especially since it seems clear there will not be a break through agreement from the summit. but we can report the president will travel and make an appearance and make it part of his norway stop for the peace prize. >> do you think there is a truth to the news that this was a
. >> it is a big part of the story. it's the biggest audience president obama has to reach tomorrow. on one hand, he will try to assure americans i'm sending more troops as a means to an end, as a beginning to the end of the war. at the same time, he has to reassure them the u.s. will not pull out. a lot of conversations will be held in conversations. look for the majority of his message to be to the american audience. there has to be behind the scenes work as well to the pakistani's. >> will the pentagon, the uniformed leaders will pleased with the announcement? is it enough troops? is the composition correct? does he focus -- will he focus too much on the exit strategy for the military? >> we have to see what he says tonight. i think everybody is going to be apprehensive about setting deadlines. 36 months to show substantial change in the ground situation. 30,000 troops plus allies, let's say 5,000 a huge jolt of energy to stan mcchrystal and the nay know forces. >> in terms of the general's roll out, how are they managing notification. >> what they are doing is president obama making phone ca
not followed properly at one check point. new this morning, the top u.s. and nato commander says obama is engaged in a process as he weighs the request for more troops. mcchrystal has questioned up to 40,000 more troops, and obama will reveal his plan for the question in a live time speech on tuesday. savannah, what are you hearing about the president's address for tuesday? >> reporter: we will hear a long speech, probably 30 or 40 minutes, and we will hear about time frames for certain goals and benchmarks to be met. these will be shorter timeframes than originally proposed to the president. this is something that he leaned hard on. they are looking at exit strategies from afghanistan. but we will not hear about a hard deadline for withdrawal. the president is expected to order tends of thousands of more troops. we do not know the exact number. we reported the president has decided he has arrived at that figure. the military is expecting something around the range of 30,000, and could be less or more, and that's close, but not all of the troops that general mcchrystal requested. he wa
that put barack obama in office, they're now stepping up saying they're willing to work against those who fight the public option. manage that. >> well, look, i mean, you have to get a bill through and it has to be a good bill. that's why i have always been in favor of reconciliation. i said that months ago, because the people need to vote on this. if you put this up to a fair vote, you would have this pass in a moment. the bill -- by the way, i think harry reid has done a fantastic job. sensational job in getting a decent bill -- >> nobody else has gotten it this far in 50 years. >> he's been fantastic. of course, a lot of people helping him. you know, the problem is because of the actions, the potential actions, i don't think these folks are all going to vote against the consideration of the bill. >> dr. dean, great to have you with us tonight. got to have you back. >>> let me bring in katrina vanden heuvel, editor of "the nation." thanks for your time. it is coming down with war inside the party and the progressive groups. now, the next 30 days, probably legislatively, the most importa
are taking you onto the white house red carpet, the politics, fashion and food at the obamas' very first state dinner. >> thanks to the interventions of malia and sasha, because i was planning to eat this sucker, courage will also be spared. >> next stop, disneyland. first, it was the presidential pardon, now it is first class to disney, a parade and happily ever after. this is one lucky turkey on thanksgiving. the big picture starts now. >>> still that weird thing off his mouth, how lucky is? he good afternoon, i'm jeff rossen. david has the day off. i'm tamron hall. we begin with the holiday travel and the big picture, the troubled economy is changing the way millions of americans travel on what is one of the busiest travel days of the year. more than 38 million people are traveling right now for the thanksgiving holiday. a majority of those are on the road. aaa says the economy is a big reason for that choice, families looking for cheaper alternatives are taking a toll on the nation's air linesful thanksgiving air travel dropped a staggering 25% since 2007. at chicago's o'hare airport
in the show tonight. >>> also, independence day. independent voters who were the key to barack obama's election victory are turning away from the democrats. in the latest nbc news/wall street journal poll, only 20% of independents have a favorable view of democrats, compared to 42% who had a unfavorable view before. add to that the president's falling approval ratings, and you have nervous democrats and giddy republicans looking ahead to next year's midterm elections. could the republicans take back the house of representatives? >>> plus, good news for sarah palin. republicans in iowa like her. interesting news for sarah palin. nobody else in iowa does. why sarah palin could win the republican nomination in 2012 and get hurt badly. well the party would in the election. >>> and can dick cheney come up with one good thing to say about president obama? check out the "hardball" sideshow tonight. >>> let's begin with health care reform with u.s. senator bob corker of tennessee, a republican. senator, thank you for joining us as we begin the holiday season. why don't the republican party,
today. president obama just finished his news conference with the indian prime minister and savannah guthrie is live on the north lawn of the white house. savannah, let's talk about the big issues between the two of them. first and foremost, the president, of course, was questioned about afghanistan and a big question with the indian leader, as well. >> absolutely. we talk about afghanistan and we now talk about pakistan, afghanistan as a region and indian/pakistan are long-time enemies. it's a very interesting dynamic and the timing is fascinating, isn't it? the first state visit being india. at the moment, the president has finally, we're told, come close, if not already have arrived at his decision about afghanistan. what we know the decision is coming within days. i was told it was likely tuesday evening and a prime minister speech, but that is not a luck. we will have to wait and see if that is going to be the day he announces the decision. he previewed that decision today for those of us in the press, but you just played really the key sound bite there where he set some pretty
they have the momentum to push through health care reform, which is president obama's top domestic priority. there are a handful of holdouts. we'll get to that. mike barnicle with us. willie geist scampering in like a bunny. >> i don't want to hear the nay sayers. mike barnicle, this is big. big mo. >> what a bunch of nerds. the nerd celebration down there. >> it's great, baby. it's good. >> lots of headlines this morning beyond health care reform. we'll get to that. >> we're packed. >> there are some nay sayers who say it's dead on arrival. >> what did you say? >> i'm excited for them. >> be happy for them. >> what i am talking about is just how much one will pay for a vote. the louisiana purchase, "the washington post" reporting this morning just how much senator landrieu's vote cost. we'll have that. >> speaking of purchases. >> you got the coffee. >> in the grocery store on saturday, i purchased this. >> up in boston, huh? >> that's good. in your local grocery store. little advertisement. also, a storeevey of another key having trouble with the catholic church, or perhaps just rabble ro
. >> first, obama's dinner for the prime minister of india. fox news reported john boehner wasn't invited. he was invited, but declined to go home to ohio to, i don't know, work on his tan. worsts, beck calls mary landrieu a prostitute. now says, we know you're hooking, you're just not cheap. >> where are the denounceiations for conservative women. where is the call for beck to be fired from sarah palin? all the news and commentary now on countdown. >> i guess shame is dead. >>> good evening from new york. as the self declared spoiler of the health care reform bill that begins next week, who does junior senator from connecticut represent? 10% do not have health insurance tonight. aetna, one of the health insurance with their headquarters. joe lieberman declaring under no circumstances will he vote for a bill with a public option. he still caucuses with the democrats because -- "time" magazine has dubbed the senator from aetna drawing a line in the sand, in an interview with the "wall street journal" telling the newspaper, i'm going to be stubborn on this refusing to accept the trigger comprom
it. health care leaves the senate station. the top of the show tonight. >>> plus president obama has his chin out on just about every hot issue out there. health care, terror trials, job losses, even the breast cancer report. he is exposed and vulnerable. his poll numbers are dropping. is he just too darned intellectual? too much the egg head? why did he bow to that japanese emperor? why did he pick tim geithner to be his economic front man? why all of this dithering over afghanistan? and who thought it was a wonderful idea to bring the killers of 9/11 to new york city? the media capital of the world to tell their story? is obama channeling adlai stevenson? and 46 years after the jfk assassination, sunday is the anniversary. we are still learning fascinating details in the frantic hours after the shooting. especially about lbj. the author of a new book on the kennedy assassination joins us tonight. don't miss it. also for someone who claims she is forsaken vengeance, sarah palin was pretty vengeful in an interview with the christian broadcasting network? is she irish? bigger question
sarah palin thinks she understands. >> first, obama's dinner for the prime minister of india. how the washington times and fox news reported john boehner was not invited for partisan reasons. then it turned out he had been invited but declined so he could go home to ohio to, i don't know, work on his tan. worsts -- beck does it again pl calls mary landrieu, quote, a prostitute. now says of -- >> now we know you're hooking. but you're just not cheap. >> where is the call for beck to be fired from sarah palin? all the news and commentary now on "countdown." >> i guess shame is dead. >>> good evening from new york. the self-declared spoiler of the health care reform bill that begins debate, who does the junior senator from connecticut represent? 10% do not have health insurance tonight. or aetna, just one of the health insurance behemoths who have their headquarters in hartford. joe lieberman saying he will not vote for a bill with a public option, and he still caucuses with the democrats because? "time" magazine has this week dubbed the senator from aetna drawing hi line in the sand
that it's time for a fresh start. >> well, the obama economic team doesn't understand the urgency of now. that's how i see it, because none have ever had to meet payroll. there are no excuses. now that wall street has been given the farm and all the minerals to go with it, when does the clock strike 12:00 for these folks? i agree it's starting to reflect on the president. president obama has stuck with geithner. good loyalty. but the president and his party are going to be judged on job numbers that aren't good. there is no denying that geithner has failed to deliver on that front. he claims to have saved the economy from a complete collapse. no, the taxpayers saved the economy from complete collapse. we went along with all of this. geithner basically saved aig. i don't think the democrats are willing to lose the majority over the ineptitude of the treasury secretary. how many congressman in the house do you think would go along with geithner's remove natural >> when you mention geithner or larry summers, there is -- there are boos and cries of derision. i think there's a growing consens
much. >>> this hour president obama and prime minister singh will hold a joint news conference. that is ahead. set to start at 11:35 eastern time and we will have it for you live here on msnbc. >>> dick cheney is yet again challenging president obama's leadership and his decision making when it comes to the war strategy in afghanistan. cheney, again, repeating his earlier accusation that the president has, quote, dithered when it comes to that strategy but he is also questioning the experience level of the president and his cabinet. here is what the former vp said on the scott hanen radio show just yesterday. >> he was given a strategy that was pretty well put together at the end of our administration, just recommendations. he adopted many of them, announced the strategy in march, reinforced it in august before the speech to the vfw and then in the fall, when it's time to decide, based on mcchrystal's recommendations, he has dithered. >> we're getting word the top u.s. general in afghanistan and the u.s. ambassador to that country are expected to testify before congress. that i
political fallout to come? >>> a war surtax as president obama considers sending more troops to afghanistan, new questions about who will pay for the move. now democrats opposed to the troop increase say that if mr. obama wants to move forward, he should raise taxes. >>> washington's oscars. the president and first lady host their first state dinner at the white house. the official guest list guarded until just hours before the dinner, but details are coming out, including how the obamas are putting their own touch on the ultraexclusive event. >>> plus, at the american music awards adam lambert's performance featured leather, leashes and a male on male liplock. did this performance cross the line? the big picture starts right now. >>> good afternoon, everybody. good afternoon. i'm david schuster live in washington. >> we start out with breaking news. mark sanford is facing 37 charges that he broke state laws limiting official use of airplanes and campaign money. the second term republican governor has been under scrutiny since he vanished for five days last summer, reappearing to tearfully
viewers, have enriched my life beyond all measure. >> wow. she helps get barack obama into the white house. now oprah winfrey is getting out of the broadcast television. we'll get the latest reaction to the big's announcement to the queen that is on tv. >>> good day, everybody. i'm john harwood of cnbc and "the new york times." >> i'm norah o'donnell and this is the new york times special edition. >>> welcome back. this is sarah palin. a lot of news was made on that front. we'll get to the news during this show. >> on the front page this hour, president obama back home with a full agenda. >> that's right. you know, on nearly every front he has the sprint to the thanksgiving deadline. everybody that was on the trip, i mean, it was an eight-day trip to asia. the afghanistan troop strategy still hangs in the balance with the president promising a final decision in the coming weeks. >>> on capitol hill, it is do or die for the health care bill with some fears of a filibuster by republicans. a procedural vote is set for tomorrow night. nbc news kelly o'connell is on capitol
voters ditching president obama and his democratic party? should democrats be nervous? nbc political analyst charlie cook is joining us, editor and publisher of the "cook political report." he's the best in the business. "newsweek's" howard fineman is a political analyst and brilliant columnist, again, proving that again this week. with his column for "newsweek." let's look at a couple polls this week. this is a fascinating poll. party i.d. if i ask you, "what are you?" at a party or on a street corner. what are you, anyway? looks at all of the polls and puts them together into a trendline. look at this, independents have risen in the last six months to up to 36% of voters, more than a third now, more than either party. and republicans are falling drastically down to 22. charles cook, even though the president is the one trying to run the country right now, and lead us, he gets hurt. but knew marically, the republicans are getting hurt bad in this shift to independents. >> they have -- they have not held -- republicans are being given a wonderful opportunity to pick up a
in. now it's your time. i'm just going to be quiet. >>> president obama is signaling his intentions to send thousands of u.s. troops to afghanistan despite slipping public support for the war. an announcement is expected early next week likely during a primetime address on tuesday. although most details are not yet public, including the exact number of troops and specific exit strategies, the president says he intends to destroy terror networks during the course of his administration. >>> meanwhile, the president is also reaching out to india, another major player in the region. the country's prime minister was the guest of honor last night at the first state dinner. although there were plenty of big hollywood and media names on hand, the focus turned to international relations. >> tonight we gather again for the first state dinner of my presidency with prime minister manmohan singh and mrs. gersherwan as we celebrate the growing partnership between the united states and india. mr. prime minister, today we work to fulfill our duty, bring our countries closer together than ever befor
on this, and this is the political opening and this is where obama is so good, where he can get out and explain what the playing field is all about. but down the stretch here, do you think there is any way when we get into conference committee, like tom harkin is going to be able to strengthen the public option? nancy pelosi is going to be in there. staunch supporters in this? it might turn out to be a heck of a lot better. if i'm a republican, i'm nervous about this thing. what do you think? >> i think you're right. i think harkin and our friends there, sherod brown. harry reid deserves a medal of honor for fighting for americans right now and we've got momentum and don't let anybody tell you otherwise. people don't want their premiums raised, their homes foreclosed, credit card rates going up. people are on the side of jimmy city article and george bailey. we're right about the morality. democrats are in a fighting mood in any day since the george bush administration. the people are with us. >> one thing perfectly clear tonight. i have been tough on geithner and we'll talk more ab
of the obama presidency. the secret service is investigating. the preliminary findings were that security procedures were not followed at one of the check points but the secret service will not elaborate. i think probably what's going on behind the scenes is they are trying to figure out was this the fault of the secret service, or was this a problem with the white house social staff in terms of the guest list. in terms of the guest list, one thing is clear, the couple was not on it. they managed to get in there, take pictures with high profile people including the vice president twice, the chief of staff rahm emanuel, and they very much looked the part, dressed to the nines and apparently fit right in except for the fact they weren't on the guest list. a lot of questions raised here at the white house today, alex. >> what about any charges here? if it's not the secret service's fault, are there possible charges coming their way? >> reporter: obviously we have to see what the facts are. i think if there is a trespass and you're on the white house grounds improperly, under fraud you lent p
of the show tonight. >>> plus president obama has his chin out on just about every hot issue out. there health care, terror trials, job losses, even the breast cancer report. he is exposed and vulnerable. his poll number are dropping. is he just too darned intellectual? too much the egg head? why did he bow to that japanese emperor? why did he pick tim geithner to be his economic front man? why thought dithering over afghanistan and who thought it was a wonderful idea to write the killers of 9/11 to new york city? the media capital of the world so they could tell their story? is obama channeling adlai stevenson? >>> and sunday is the anniversary of the jfk. what really happened in the frantic hours after the shooting. especially about lbj. the author of a new book on the kennedy assassination joins us tonight. don't miss it. also for someone who claims she is for saken vengeance, sarah palin was pretty vengeful in an interview with the christian network. is she irish? is she qualified to be president? i posed it to healy barbour last night. why didn't he just say yes? we start with a big up or
of president obama's big speech on afghanistan tomorrow night which will be on msnbc. time for "the ed show" with ed schultz. >>> good evening, americans. welcome to "the ed show" from new york tonight. well, it's the story everybody's talking about. the president can go all over the world, but we're not really sure if he's going to be safe in his own home. the crashing of president obama's first state dinner could have been a disaster. white house press secretary robert gibbs took the heat today. >> the focus of the investigation at this point is on the fact that the name wasn't on the list, that name wasn't waved in, but that couple got into the white house and i think that's what the secret service is rightly focused on. i'm simply reiterating for the three questions i got on the same subject what the u.s. secret service put out on this. the president has faith in the secret service, always has, and that's not about to change. >> okay. it brings the definition of an open-door policy to a new level, doesn't it? fortunately it turns out to be a major embarrassment to the president's securi
. >> hey, tamron, i'm david schuster live in washington. and in the "big picture" president obama will talk about a request from the commander about more troops in afghanistan. this as a powerful democratic lawmaker is warning the war to endanger the domestic agenda, especially the economy and health care. today, the democratic chairman of the house appropriations committee told nbc news that if mr. obama wants to raise troop levels in afghanistan, the president is going to have to impose a new income tax to pay for it. >> on the merits, i think it's a mistake to deepen our involvement. but if we are going to do that, then at least we ought to pay for it, because if we don't, if we don't pay for it, then the costs of the afghan war will wipe out every other initiative that we have to try to rebuild our own economy. >> as it stands, the u.s. military operations in afghanistan are costing $5.6 billion per month, and figure the figure will be doubled. while the democrats against generaling up the war in afghanistan are trying to box in the president, today white house correspondent robert gibb
. is geithner part of the problem or solution? >>> plus, after eight days in asia, president obama's due back at the white house this hour, where he will be greeted by a new challenge from iran. mahmoud ahmadinejad's still refuses to come clean about iran's nuclear program. >> we have begun discussions with our international partners about the importance of having consequences. >>> and is it a sign of the times when an old man with an oxygen tank feels he has no other choice than to try to rob a bank? all of that and more this hour only on msnbc. good afternoon, i'm tamron hall, live in new york. >> i'm david shuster, live in washington. and in "the big picture" this hour, health care reform legislation is now on track for a dramatic procedural vote in the u.s. senate. today majority leader harry reid began a process that will culminate on saturday with senators deciding whether to let the legislation continue to debate. reid and his leadership colleagues, who led a rally this afternoon on capitol hill, are not certain they have the 60 votes they need for this early test but their confidence
information leading to his arrest. >> now to "the big picture" this hour, president obama is putting the final touches on his afghan policy speech. this time tomorrow, the president will fly to the u.s. military academy at west point in new york, and will tell a nationwide prime time television audience how he proposes the united states will win the war. as it stands, there are 68,000 u.s. troops in afghanistan, and there's every indication today that mr. obama will announce he plans to deploy an additional 30,000 to 35,000 u.s. troops. back in august, general stanley mcchrystal, the top u.s. commander in if afghanistan, argued that a troop increase was essential, and that the u.s. had a window of a year or less to stabilize the country before the cause would be lost. today at the white house, spokesman robert gibbs gave a broad preview of the president's speech. >> the president will reiterate the importance of why we're there. but also, by all means, very early on acknowledge the tremendous cost and sacrifice to our men and women in uniform. >> as the white house prepares for tomorrow night'
his work of art. it turns out this masterpiece bears an uncanny resemblance to barack obama. instead of throwing away customers' hair after a cut he sculpted it into a likeness of our 44th president. you may remember his first work tiananmen hair discovered on this show. the obama sculpture went prematurely gray. >>> in france where the new edict is when the metaphor call hampster wheel of life isn't enough for you, you can stay in a bed of hay and an exercise wheel. you may have seen this video all over your local news but i don't know if anybody let you in on the inside joke. this is being portrayed as some sort of silly french gag or novelty hotel. uh-uh. there are adults who like to dress up in animal suits and then go to hotels with other adults dressed up in animal suits. i'm sorry, it's true. i know monty python did a sketch about this in 1969 about men dressed up as mice. doesn't make it less true. continental hamster breakfast included. >>> the fearmonger in chief. wow, i never even called lonesome roads beck that. why is rupert murdoch denying what he said on tape about his
will be providing about an additional 5,000 troops, which gives president obama a little bit of wiggle room to maybe go somewhat lower than he might otherwise have, below the 40,000 that general mcchrystal originally subjected. >> michael shear and barry mccaffrey, thank you very much. happy thanksgiving to you. >>> following breaking news in utah county, a rescue team working to free a man trapped in a cave. the 26-year-old is stuck 150 feet underground in what's called the nutty putty cave, in a narrow part of the cave known as the birth canal. police say he has been trapped 11 hours. rescuers are using air-powered tools to chip away the rock that's around him. as soon as we get more information about his situation, we will bring that to you. >>> let's talk travel here, in case you are finishing up your suitcases or putting on the car carrier before you head out for the holiday, we have a live shot from newark liberty international airport in new jersey, looks like it is a little foggy out there 2 million people traveling by air this weekend but air travel is way down, 7% according to aaa. it says
house as president obama moves closer to his long-awaited decision on afghanistan. we'll have the latest. >>> and crowds gather at ft. bragg today, the latest stop on sarah palin's book tour. is she a celebrity or a political fret to the democrats? >>> and good day, i'm andrea mitchell. live in washington. with no votes to spare, senate democrats rally the 60 votes they needed late saturday night to move that health care debate to the full floor. they will now take up the issue next week after the thanksgiving break. it may be the last break they get for quite some time. joining us now, republican national chairman, michael steele. thanks very much, mr. chairman. thanks for being with us. let's talk about your plan going forward. first of all, what was the main republican objection to even having a debate? doesn't this make the republicans look obstructionist, frankly, to go all the way to the mat on saturday night just to stop the debate from proceeding. >> it's bad law, it's bad bill and the reality of it is that republicans have been left out of this process, andrea, despite rumors to
a powerful media empire and helping get barack obama elected president? >>> and later, the comedians react to "going rogue." it's been an easy week for the writers of late night comedy. in the south. i'll never forget. it used one tank of petrol and i had to refill it twice with oil. a new car today has 95% lower emissions than in 1970. exxonmobil is working to improve cars, liners of tires, plastics which are lighter and advanced hydrogen technologies that could increase fuel efficiency by up to 80%. ♪ love hurts ♪ love scars ♪ love wounds... - announcer: before you ever love it... - ( tires screech ) ...the nissan altima goes through over 5,000 tests. no wonder j.d. power and associates... - ♪ ooh, love hurts - ...ranked it highest in initial quality. the new nissan altima. quality you can love. ♪ ooh, love hurts. >>> still ahead on "countdown" -- the mega star of daytime television calling it quits after 25 years. how will we progress as a society without oprah winfrey telling us what to do next? >>> sarah palin might like a shot at being the new oprah, but if she wants to hav
% of americans surveyed disapprove of the way president obama is handling health care reform and when it comes to the version of health care reform that passed in the house of representatives, look at that just 35% of voters approve of it. mike viqueira joins us now, polls, strong words from boehner, but in the end, harry reed is not certain he has the votes to bring this to a debate where does this really stand in your perspective? >> i tell you it is really amazing, saturday around here is going to be a nail biter like you very seldom have seen. you know the story, need 60 of 00 senators get this thing, even on the floor to start the debate about health care reform in the senate, tamron if they get that 60 it is called cloture or a motion to proceed. they will take another month, up until christmas, all likelihood to dewait this thing and we can expect republicans to throw up every procedural roadblock in the book they possibly can. they think the politics -- right on the politics of this. they think they are right on the policy of this. there was a gastronomic theme among republican leaders
't it? >> all right. thank you very much. talk to you later. as president obama gets ready to unveil the new afghanistan strategy, a new senate report looks at a crucial failure in the battle against al qaeda in the months after 9/11 saying osama bin laden quote within our grasp in late 2001 when military leaders decided not to pursue him with massive force saying the escape helped lay the foundation for reinvigorated insurgence and enflamed the strife that threatens pakistan. >>> across the country, millions of americans are heading home after the thanksgiving holiday and aaa says nearly 38 million took trips this thanksgiving weekend. most of them traveling by car, 33.2 million in all. and we're looking at i-4 right now live in orlando, florida, where it looks pretty good right now on the roadways. might be less hectic at the airports. about 2 million people traveling by air this weekend. thanksgiving air travel dropped a staggering 25% since 2007. we'll have a live report coming up on that. >>> what will the weather be like for the travelers? the weather channel's carl parker join
. for a whole mouth clean. colgate: recommended by dentists. >>> this hour on msnbc, a first at the obama's first state dinner. it's not something the white house is proud of. how two d.c. socialites were able to crash the party. we're going to visit with troops in iraq and afghanistan. plus, if you thought black friday was the day for deals, think again. how retailers are shifting strategy in this recession. good morning once again. happy thanksgiving. thanks for joining us. i'm alex witt. we're starting this hour with a security breach at the white house. a virginia couple walked right on into president obama's state dinner, they were uninvited. only found out after posting the pictures on facebook. secret service says the president was never at risk. savannah guthrie is at the white house. with a good morning to you. what in the world happened? how did these two get in? >> reporter: that's what the secret service is investigating. the preliminary findings are that proper procedures weren't followed at one of the check points but there is a huge question of how this couple could get pas
but managed to slip through white house security. and this is a big deal. especially for the obama administration, this week we're expecting obama to make an announcement about the international security plans for the future yet we have a white house that can't even secure its own front gates. there are many people who would love to get into a white house state dinner and that's very interesting to people. they got into the blue room and posed with high-level local politicians. they're known as socialites and owe money to high-end vendors in the washington area. apparently they haven't paid the bills in a little while. they have quite a long court history of civil suits lined up. and this is something that's all come to light now that the secret service is taking a look into their past. >> yeah. a few of the things coming to light regarding michaele says shaes former model, largest shoe collection in washington, d.c. wow. there's some controversy over the claims, notably, the claim to be a pro cheerleader, right? >> that's right t. washington redskins cheerleading association says
>> as the president and prime minister enter, followed by mrs. singh and mrs. obama. have a happy thanksgiving and rush over and pick me up a doggy bag from this thing, i would appreciate it. >> they'll have plenty of leftovers, it looks like. >> that's "countdown." i'm keith olbermann, good night and good luck. to discuss the battle, ladies and gentlemen, sitting in for rachel maddow, governor dooen. good evening. >> thanks keith and thank you for staying with us. rachel is continuing her well-deserved vacation time. we are continuing with health care reform, now on life support. a small group of senators are killing the senate health care reform bill, if it includes a public option. the most vocal is senator joe lieberman, of connecticut. who is now repeating his threat to block any bill that includes any version of a public option. with the senate now less than a week away from debating health care reform, democratic majority leader harry reid now has a choice -- stand firm on the public option or compromise it to get something passed. those on the compromise side argue that we
crashed president obama's first state dinner. can you believe it? this morning what looked like a harmless prank is raising serious concerns at the white house. >>> thousands of u.s. troops are spending this thanksgiving at war. we're going to take you live to afghanistan to find out how our service men and women feel about potentially adding thousands more to the fight. >>> a turkey day tradition floats back into manhattan. you know what we're talking about. we are live at the 83rd macy's thanksgiving day parade. >>> and move over zhu zhu pet, there's competition this holiday season. we're going to run down the must have toys, and the list may surprise you. a very happy thanksgiving to all of you. i'm alex witt. thanks for joining us. >>> we're going to begin our coverage with the white house party crashers. this is the first time ever someone has snuck into a state dinner, let alone two people. the culprits are a virginia couple who some say they want to be reality tv stars. now they might be facing major charges. we're going to have a live report from nbc news white house correspondent
? >> you know what, he hasn't failed since barack obama came into office. he was part of the team that failed over the past decade. i mean, god, you've got larry summers, who in '99 pushed legislation that led to where we are today, and geithner was there. for some reason, the one guy who's an outsider that could actually -- is outside the club, volcker, they don't talk to him. and i asked yesterday, i asked our little 17-year-old friend at "the new york times," andrew ross sorkin, who's written the best book on this. i said, why don't the obama people let volcker in the room because he could clean it up? you know what he said, he's not in the club. it's a small club, mike barnicle. it's a club that allows huge errors by these bankers and then give huge bonuses. people are angry. >> people are angry. the aig bonuses, goldman sachs bonuses, people are sick of it. i had an idea in new orleans yesterday walking around that they ought to take the government of the united states, including the secretary of the treasury, president of the united states, speaker of the house, the senate p
, and jim cantore. the white house is saying president obama will have a primetime speech a week from this evening. the president met for the final time last night with his top war council advisers. he is expected to announce an increase between 35,000 troops and maybe 32,000 troops. and it doesn't address there is only 100 al qaeda members there, but we will send more troops it sounds like. according to politico, senior democrats are having a tax. so more troops sounds like where we are headed and more taxes is where we are headed. jim, you are in afghanistan. what is the round point of view relative to the policy conversation? >> well, if it is 32,000 to 35,000 troops, that's similar to the amount that went into the surge in iraq. military planners are hoping the effects are similar. most americans now believe the affects in the surgeon in iraq were positive. more boots on the ground in populated areas, the so-called separating the enemy from the people if it plays out. we see interaction between u.s. forces on a daily basis with afghan nationals. that will very quickly save the mil
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